Accidents and Distracted Drivers in Nevada

Accidents and Distracted Drivers in NevadaIf you or someone you know has been injured by a distracted driver, the Law Firm of Edward J. Achrem & Associates provides tough legal representation for your accident and injury claims. Texting and driving has become such an issue in Nevada that NDOT has declared the act as unlawful. Our firm supports the efforts of the zero fatalities movement and will fight to protect your rights from the claim to the courtroom when necessary. Please call us today for a free consultation.

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Handheld phone use is illegal

It’s a crime to physically handle your cell phone or other device while driving; including talking or texting. If officers notice distracted drivers breaking this law, the drivers can be pulled over and cited. No different than not wearing your seat belt. Penalties range from $50 for the first offense, up to $250 and a 6-month license suspension for repeat offenders within a seven-year period.

  • Physically handling a cell phone or other electronic device
  • Using an electronic, handheld device at a stoplight
  • Picking up a GPS device or programming information into the device
  • Playing music on a device if it requires the device to be in the driver’s hand at any time
  • Using a hands-free device or in-car system that acts on voice command
  • Voice-operated global positioning or navigation systems that are affixed to the vehicle
  • Pulling off the road and using a handheld device while reporting a medical emergency, a safety hazard or criminal activity
  • Law enforcement officers, firefighters or emergency medical personnel acting within the scope of their duties