Big Rig and Commercial Truck Accident “Big Rig” and commercial trucks can cause severe damage and personal injury to automobiles on the roadways.  If you or someone you know has been injured from an Big Rig or Commercial Truck Accident, you will most likely have suffered severe injuries and need an attorney who is experienced in the laws governing the trucking industry.  For example, truck owners and operators only profit when their trucks are on the road transporting goods and services to the vendors and end users, sometimes, maintenance (or lack thereof) can become an element of an accident. It is important to find an attorney who is experienced in the laws in the trucking industry and knows how to properly handle your case.

If the driver of the truck was at fault in the accident, that driver, his or her employer must perform the necessary service mandates and must operate their trucks with sue care while on public highways.  When the operator of the truck is responsible for a collision,  the owner of the vehicle must provide commercial insurance coverage for their company vehicles. In some cases, when a driver/employee causes an accident, their insurance company may very well be responsible for paying ALL of your medical expenses, the damage to your vehicle, your pain and suffering, any permanent disability or future medical treatments you may need, and any loss of wages or damages to make you whole again.

There may also be other insurance available to pay for medical bills, such as medical payment coverage ( i.e. “med pay” ) on your own insurance policy. You should also know that Nevada law protects you when you use your own med pay in two very important ways.

First, when your claim is resolved, your insurance company cannot seek reimbursement from your settlement for the money it had to pay on your behalf. Second, your insurance company cannot raise your insurance rates, as long as you were not at fault in the accident. Ultimately, this means more money to you. For most people, increasing their med pay coverage is very beneficial.

In addition to recovering your damages for your own injuries, if you were married at the time of the accident, your spouse may also be entitled to a separate claim for loss of consortium because of the negative effect the accident had on your relationship.

Sometimes, the other driver has limited, or no insurance coverage on his or her vehicle at the time of the collision. However, if you carry uninsured/Underinsured coverage ( i.e. UM/UIM coverage), you can still receive full compensation for your injuries. For example, if the value of your claim is $100,000 and the other driver only has a $50,000 policy, but you have $50,000 in UM/UIM coverage on your policy, you can receive full compensation. In fact, your own insurance company is obligated to investigate the claim and to pay the full UM/UIM benefits, even if the other driver’s insurance company refuses to do so. Oftentimes, insurance companies will attempt to obtain a recorded statement from you after the collision. Be advised, however, that this is for their benefit, NOT yours, and speak with an attorney first.

Because the circumstances in each collision are different, do not delay in consulting an experienced attorney to learn more about your legal rights and how those rights can best be protected. Edward J. Achrem & Associates provides a free initial consultation if you have been injured in an accident. Protect yourself and your rights. We also provide legal representation in both Nevada and California.

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