denied insurance claim lawyer vegasDenied Claim? Call an Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

Every day, Nevada citizens deal with potentially devastating injuries after vehicle accidents. And every day, too many people deal with insurance companies that deny coverage out of bad faith.

If you’re fighting with your insurance company in Nevada, call an insurance bad faith lawyer to represent your case. Edward J. Achrem & Associates have the experience to face even large insurance companies who exploit their claimants.

Powerful insurance companies have their own lawyers. So should you. Below, we’ve told you what you need to know about the NRS 686A.310 law on unfair claim settlement practices.

The following are unfair insurance company practices:

  • Misrepresenting facts on insurance policies’ coverage provisions
  • Refusing to respond promptly to claimant communications
  • Delaying investigations and/or claims processing because of unreasonable standards for each
  • Failing to confirm or deny coverage, even if proof-of-loss paperwork is submitted on time
  • Failing to settle claims promptly, even after an insurer’s liability is reasonably clear
  • Refusing to pay a fair amount, even when claimant’s legal suit would settle for a similar amount
  • Participating in “bait and switch” tactics (e.g., going against printed advertisements to settle for a lower claim)
  • Attempting to settle a claim that was altered after its submission
  • Failing to notify claimants and beneficiaries of a given payment’s terms of coverage
  • Appealing unfairly against a decided arbitration amount, or forcing insured parties to accept less than the arbitrated amount
  • Delaying payments by asking for multiple forms containing redundant information
  • Delaying claim settlement under one section of coverage in order to stall the settlement for other sections
  • Ignoring provisions of the following laws: NRS 687B.310 through 687B.390, or 687B.410
  • Delaying policy explanations and legal information in order to compromise the claim process
  • Advising the claimant to avoid legal assistance
  • Misleading the insured about statutes of limitation

Your insurer has liability for damages related to these unfair practices. If you feel your insurance company has treated you with bad faith, contact your insurance bad faith lawyer in Las Vegas, NV today.