Las Vegas Brain Injury Attorney

The brain is considered a vast human computer that controls the automatic and higher functions of the body. If you know someone who was involved in an automobile accident, work-related injury, or accident in the home through no fault of their own, and if that person sustained a brain injury, he or she may be entitled to compensation, not only for the injuries sustained, but for future medical expenses, as well as other reasonable damages. Needless to say, given the complexity of brain damage cases, you should consult with an attorney to determine all of your legal rights.

A brain injury can have devastating consequences, which not only affect the person who was injured, but their entire family, who may have to take care of that person for the rest of his life. With brain damage, both short and long-term memory can be lost. The injured person can be paralyzed, or unable to speak. Even in less severe cases, the injured party may be required to take medication for life.

Brain Injury Patient Treatment

In catastrophic brain injury cases, the cost of care alone for a severely-injured person can run into the many millions of dollars. Mr. Achrem has personally handled a number of such cases and obtained extremely large verdicts and settlements that have allowed these injured persons to undergo the best medical care and treatment available. It’s important that you or your loved one receive the compensation required to continue the proper medical attention. We look forward to protecting your rights and finding you the legal compensation you deserve. Call 702-734-3936 today.

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