If you wish to incorporate in the State of Nevada, there are at least seven separate steps you must take. These steps include, but are not limited to, performing a corporate check to find out if the name you wish to use is available, as well as drafting and filing articles of incorporation.

The benefits of incorporating in Nevada are excellent, as Nevada is one of only a few states that has no state income tax. Once a corporation is properly established and maintained, it can protect the owner’s personal property and keep his or her life savings from being seized in the event of a lawsuit. There are different types of corporations that can be set up, such as “C” and “Subchapter S” corporations, and each can be tailored to the person’s particular needs. Limited Liability Companies are also available, which allows the company to be operated much like a partnership, but with the benefit of eliminating personal exposure.

If you are interested in establishing a corporation, you should consult with an experienced attorney to discuss the options available to you. At Achrem & Associates, our fees are very reasonable and we can prepare and file corporate papers in a matter of hours when the client needs expedited service.