Las vegas Traffic Accidents Labor Day Deadliest Holiday Weekend

As Las Vegas concludes hosting thousands of tourists for 2016 Labor Day Weekend, we hope that everyone exercised defensive driving this holiday weekend. The increased visitation could be a result of a stronger economy, lower gas prices and lower unemployment rates — Everything that prompts Americans to enjoy family road trips.

The American Natational Safety Council (NSC) has already indicated motor vehicle deaths were 9% higher in the first 6-months of 2016 than in 2015. The Council has since decided to issue its highest fatality estimate for Labor Day weekend since 2008. We’re still waiting for the actual count, however it’s estimated that 438 people would’ve been killed during the three-day holiday weekend.

Motor Vehicle Fatality Estimates - 6 month trendsIt’s statistic like these on why we ask our clients and loved ones to practice extra caution during holiday weekends. If you had the unfortunate chance of a fender bender the Labor Day Weekend, please contact our office. We’d be glad to help guide you through the process in getting your insurance company’s to fulfill their obligation to you. If you suffered a traffic or car accident over this past weekend, please let us help. Our law office has decades of experience helping those that have suffered losses.