HeadstoneIf you are a family member, or if someone you know had someone in their family who experienced a wrongful death or killed in a vehicle related accident? You, or the above referenced person(s), need to contact our law office right away.  You, or the heirs of the person who wrongfully died as the result of someone elses negligence, need an experienced attorney to represent you.

Nevada Revised Statutes govern the law that protect the rights of the decedent’s heirs and if you fail to act within the required time constraints under the rules, you could be barred from any recovery related to the loss of your loved one, due to wrongful death.

In to provide a better understanding of the laws on wrongful death in Nevada, please see the section below.  Please be advised that this is for information purposes ONLY and does not constitute any legal advise on the part of our firm.

NRS 41.085  Heirs and personal representatives may maintain action.

 When the death of any person, whether or not a minor, is caused by the wrongful act or neglect of another, the heirs of the decedent and the personal representatives of the decedent may each maintain an action for damages against the person who caused the death, or if the wrongdoer is dead, against the wrongdoer’s personal representatives, whether the wrongdoer died before or after the death of the person injured by the wrongdoer. If any other person is responsible for the wrongful act or neglect, or if the wrong-doer is employed by another person who is responsible for the wrongdoer’s conduct, the action may be maintained against that other person, or if the other person is dead, against the other person’s personal representatives.

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